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Altus School : School of “Life Experience” beyond the Classroom to inspire High School Students during COVID times

A Harvard Business School PLD graduate and Alumni initiative

Why: This Initiative
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We really appreciate it!

Altus.School is a possibility! If it works, we would have changed the lives of thousands of students.

What worries us is the Lost Generation concept, which the current high school students may be a victim of. 

Emotional turmoil, no school, no friends, no mobility, no money, easy availability of drugs, and we can go on and on. This generation can be majorly depressed forever, with no skills, no jobs, no friends, no education, and largely uninterested in giving life a meaning. Do a google and study the articles if you care. Thanks for supporting us with your knowledge. 

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1. Once you send us a message for a speaker session, we will connect with you by phone for a short while. That way, we will understand the topic you want to focus on in detail and the impact you want to create.

2. We request you have a slide deck with pictures/snaps and at least have one slide that talks about lessons learned. We will also need your snaps and Biography to advertise. We promise to make it easy for you.

3. Sessions usually last 60 to 90 minutes. Scroll down to see the “Interest Areas”, which we call as 60 Minute sessions. Typically we schedule 2 weeks in advance. Appreciate your help.

Please send us a message. You can call us at 978-674-55 zero four if you want.

1 + 13 = A virtual fire side "discourSe" model

Share. Discuss. Teach. Debate.

Build a Purpose. Inspire. Show the way. Make Resilient.

Why:This Initiative
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You have 60 minutes to share your experience with students:

a. Share your Life Journey and lessons learned.

b. Share a Skill. Industry. Jobs of the future.

c. Share strategies of physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

d. Share what gives one Power to create change.


Share your journey about how you succeeded despite all odds. What did you do in the darkest of times? What lessons did you learn? What could you have done if you re-live that experience and situation? 



Share a skill in the industry, technology, or Workforce-of-the-Future. How should students prepare for it? What should they do now? What are the sources, internships, connections?

Augmented Reality


Share about Emotional, Physical and Spiritual health. How do you discipline yourself to perpetuate it? How do you start? What are the resources? What are the hacks?

Balanced stones


How do you build Power internally? How can one have the Power to Create, Innovate, Lead, and Adapt? How do build Communities? How can you keep the Power, instead of giving it up?

Power of Cooperation
A Word

From The Founder

"The world is changing rapidly. The old rules don't apply.  Social isolation has numbed an entire generation of students who hardly have the life experience to learn and share, thus have nearly no purpose, and cannot give life a meaning.

We need to get back to basics during a crisis and mentor students on webcon what they cannot learn at home or school.

A Platform like Altus School, where leaders in the industry share their life experience, lessons learned, and their life journey with students is long due".

- Subhashish Acharya(Subs)

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Our Mission and Vision

Our clear MISSION for the next 10 years is to build a “live” mentorship platform to inspire, uplift, and empower students to take action, find meaning in life through the experience of successful people, and gain experiential knowledge to navigate and adapt during times of change. WE MUST! 

Our VISION is to build 1000 student leaders, who go on to make a huge difference in communities and consequently in the lives of others and the whole world. It is our responsibility to help them pivot into Top Schools, be aligned with the industry, be professionally networked, financially savvy, and build entrepreneurial ventures that make the world a better place.

Please check Altus Education ( ) to apply for the program!



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The following is a list of announcements and blogs in store for students and parents to navigate the chasm of the COVID 19 challenges. The below section is under development. Please ignore for now.

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Physical Location: Project Starfish  181 Market St, Lowell, MA, United States.

Telephone: (978) 674-5504


Please note: We are 100% remote!

Participation Policy:

This is a professional place, and we expect decency, decorum, and professionalism. No political, race, religion, vendetta, profanity etc is allowed. We are very strict about that.